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Canopy is an exclusive, aspirational community for seed stage founders


What does my membership include?

Welcome focus dinner with Summit founder (intimate dinner and drinks in a private venue)

2.5 hours per month of Clan Sessions (held either in person or online)

2 x all day Canopy Clan Sessions per year (optional but highly encouraged + Innovation Bay contributes to $1500 to each )

1 x 2 day Canopy Retreat (optional but highly encouraged + programmed at additional cost)

1 x virtual feature interview every two months

**We expect you to attend 80% of the above events**

Membership requirements

A founder or CEO of a tech company

Seed stage company having raised 250k+

A company with a valuation of $2M+

Membership Cost

$3,000 per year (second intake)

Does not include flights and accommodation

Additional fee for the annual retreat

What is a Clan?

‘Clan is a family’ 

Canopy Clans are groups of 8-10 founders who come together monthly to support each other and share knowledge in a highly confidential and non competitive environment

What is a Clan session?

A half or full day get together that happens twice a year and is organised by each Clan.

What is a Clan retreat?

As a membership tier we head away for 2 night and 3 three days during the year. This is an opportunity to meet the wider Canopy community.

How am I able to pay the membership?

You can pay monthly or yearly.

Can one of my co-founders attend events that I can't go to?

Unfortunately not as the relationships you form with members in each clan is incredibly personal.

Can multiple co-founders join Canopy?

Unfortunately not, Canopy is a place where we want each founder to feel comfortable being vulnerable which is sometimes difficult in the company of your co-founders.

It's important with Canopy being so new that we diversify our first intakes so this may be something we revisit in the future.

What can I talk about in the Clan sessions?

Clan sessions are your opportunity to raise anything you would like in an open forum. Anything discussed in the Clan Chatham House Rules. (The aim of these rules is to provide anonymity to speakers and to encourage openness and the sharing of information).

How long till I will be able to pitch to your Angel and VC network?

Canopy members are able to reach out to our Angel and VC network at anytime via a double opt in function that is part of our CRM.

There are also opportunities throughout the year that Canopy members will be have early access to.

Who pays for Canopy?

This varies from founder to founder as there is a balance between personal and business growth that comes from the membership.

We suggest raising this with your co-founders and your board and we're happy to provide you with any information or support you need from us


After nearly two decades of running hundreds of events and working with thousands of entrepreneurs, we deeply understand the power of community.

As startups scale into global businesses we know there are fewer opportunities for their leaders to learn, network and grow.

With Canopy we're creating a place for elite leaders to come together with their peers united around the ideas of sharing, inspiring and learning from each other.

Canopy represents a natural evolution for Innovation Bay that enables us to bring together the leaders of Australia's next $B tech companies—the founders who will help shape the future of our economy, society and view of technology.

We invite you to become a member of Canopy and join us in building Australia's premier group for exceptional technology entrepreneurs.

Phaedon & Ian

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